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Roadtreking: When things go bad on the road

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

We return from most trips with a short list of things to do or fix. These are seldom anything to interfere with trip enjoyment, but little things to make life on the road better or more comfortable. Things like a bungee cord across the inside of the closet at latch level to prevent a stray shirt sleeve from blocking the latch. Or yet another fridge ventilation improvement to try. Stuff like that.

But what if something major went wrong? As we approached the magical 200,000-mile limit of Dodge transmissions we began to worry. And our transmission was slow to up-shift.

We decided that we must have the transmission rebuilt before our big trip out west. But when? We had something planned every month. We finally decided that August was the best time – a four-week gap between planned trips.

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