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Roadtreking: Tuzigoot and Montezuma Castle

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Our Route 66 road trip brought us to Winslow, Ariz. This is where we started to see maps marking various prehistoric sites, too numerous to see them all. So, we gathered information about the American Indians who lived in these places.

Several things struck us as never before: the diversity of culture, the ingenuity of mankind, the differences between “here” and “there, and how time, water, and agriculture shaped society.

The earliest people moved in small bands of 20 to 50 hunter-gatherers seldom stopping for more than a few weeks. Then came pit house builders as agriculture became more established based on corn and bean cultivation.

A professor coined the term Sinagua (Spanish = without water) to characterize this culture based in arid areas, where water was scarce. It was not an Indian name. The larger the cultural groupings and fancier structures they built, water became more abundant year round. The various cultures were complex and can’t be understood without visiting two ruins that are close together and not far from historic Route 66. Fascinating to learn, today’s American Indian nations are varying blends of many cultures.

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