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Roadtreking: Trips – RVing east of the Sierras

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

My beautiful bride Sharon has been asking me for a while to drive Highway 395 east of the Sierras from the Mojave up to Lake Tahoe, just to see the beautiful scenery and to get away from the crowds. Earlier this month, we were sitting around in New Mexico, and decided to do just that. Leaving Albuquerque, we stopped at Bluewater Lake State Park for a few days, and then drove straight west on I-40.

Quite a drive it was, too, with weather blowing through the area, turning to snow east of Flagstaff, but altitude is your friend if you want to change the weather, so we continued east and in less than three hours went from snow, Ponderosa pines, and 34 degree temperatures at 7,500 feet down to the Mojave with 80 degrees and ocotillo and Joshua trees as we crossed the Colorado River, 400 feet above sea level.

We continued on from there to Barstow, Calif., where I-40 ends at I-15, where we spent the night.  The next morning, we were off the interstate and onto the old Federal two-lane highways we enjoy driving so much.

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