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Roadtreking: Tiny lights for RVers and campers

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Most RVs have interior lights that work on 12 VDC battery power or 120 VAC shore power to light dark corners and illuminate activities like cooking, reading, and finding the bathroom in the middle of the night. And nearly all owners have one or more flashlights handy. But are some flashlights better than others?

We have tried several dozen tiny lights. The best of them have long-lasting batteries, can be kept handy for instant access, and are compact enough to stick around without displacing other vital objects.

Here are our nominations for tiny lights that pass our tests of utility, cost, and accessibility.

  1. eGear SplashLight. This is a single LED flashlight with a hole at the end for hanging a mini-carabineer. It is about 2.5″ long. The light turns on by twisting a bezel around the lens and gives a brilliant white semi-flood light for any task. The battery is long lasting, so much so that in two years of use we have not had to replace the battery. Mini-carabineers are available in your choice of colors at the checkout of any hardware store. We have installed double hooks at six places around the interior of our Roadtrek 190 Popular, which means we can hang it anywhere and find it on pitch black nights by feel alone. We found it on Amazon for various prices and colors from $9 to $16.

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