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Roadtreking: The new world of unplugged RVing

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

When people started camping in their vehicles in the early 1900s, they really had one goal: to open up the world.

They just wanted to see what they could see and even the most primitive RVing allowed that to happen. At some point, however, things changed. It became as important to take as much of your home with you when trying to, in fact, get away from home. Things like full hookups became a necessity. As such, the number of possible RV destinations seemed limited, the original intent of RVing somewhat lost.

New technology such as lithium-ion batteries that recharge themselves and solar panels that convert the sun’s energy to power for RVs are returning the RV lifestyle to its original intent, giving RVers a whole new world to once again explore — and allowing for comforts like air-conditioning in the middle of the desert. It’s the best of both worlds – new and old.

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