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Roadtreking: The 2015 Pacific NW get-together

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

For this year’s unofficial, no-rules Pacific Northwest Roadtrek get-together, our spiritual leader Yan Seiner decided to afflict the comfortable and dragged everyone out to a spot in the national forest, a million miles from nowhere.

We’re in the Oregon high desert south of the town of Silver Lake in a open beautiful forest, with Ponderosa pines, a few junipers, and lots of sagebrush.  The brave punched the coordinates into their GPS and drove – and drove – until they arrived at the rendezvous.

For me, coming from coastal northern California, it was literally an all-day drive, across two mountain ranges, the coastal and the Cascades, past Crater Lake, and eastward into the desert.

There are NO people out here, so there’s not a four lane highway headed in your desired direction.  The roads out here are two-lane, very curvy, and paved, if you’re lucky. Yan says Silver Lake is the second-biggest town in the county, and it’s got 300 people.

The high desert was a welcome break for me, because since the Montana Meet-up in June I have been sitting on the foggy coast, where towels take all day to dry, and the dry, pine-scented air is a delight. Fiona also welcomed to opportunity to get all dusty after too much beach sand, which is hardly worth rolling around in.

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