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Roadtreking: Staying fit while on the road

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

I’ve written before how the RV Lifestyle can be detrimental to your health, thanks to Sitting Disease and living each day like you are on vacation.

And I’ve shared our solution, joining a nationwide health club that has locations in every state and every even medium sized town. That’s Anytime Fitness, in our case, and the photo in the post is of our Roadtrek parked out front of the Albany, Ga., location on the Day after Thanksgiving, a day that had Jennifer and I trying to burn off all those calories consumed in the big turkey dinner the day before.

We have received a fair amount of email from folks over the past few months asking more about our travel routines. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about staying informed on the news while on the road. In future posts, I’ll tackle cooking and eating on the road, working from the road, connecting with friends and family on the road and a bunch of similar topics.

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