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Roadtreking: Serendipity travel in Perry, Ga.

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

I’ve written before on our travel style – Serendipity, or just seeing what we come across and stopping whenever something interests us. I’ve shared how every place we’ve been – and I really mean every place – has a story to tell, interesting things to see if you just take the time.

People email us questions about how this actually works out so the other week, after a reader wanted some pointers, we came up with an idea. Stop at the next city we go through and make it a case study in serendipity.

We happened to be northbound on I-75, an hour or so north of the Florida line. Perry, Georgia was the next exit. Ok, we said, let’s do it. The time was about 8:30 a.m. and right at our exit was a Holiday Inn Express.

We weren’t seeking a room. We were seeking some ideas. And we found them in one of those racks every hotel has just inside the front door, racks stuffed with brochures and pamphlets promoting tourist attractions.  I grabbed a handful and returned to the Roadtrek out in the parking lot. Five minutes of reading gave us an itinerary – downtown.

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