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Roadtreking: Reelfoot Lake

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

“A lake the earthquake created,” is Reelfoot Lake in northwestern Tennessee. Prior to 1811 this scantily populated corner of Tennessee was a swampy area of cypress backwoods near the Mississippi River.

In 1811 and 1812 several violent earthquakes shook the eastern states — the New Madrid Earthquake. It toppled houses and chimneys in Tennessee and Kentucky, broke dishes and shook houses in Illinois, and it is said to have rung a bell in Boston.

A 500 acre portion of Tennessee sank some twelve feet, allowing the Mississippi River waters to rush into the depression. With such a catastrophic deluge the Mississippi River was said to have run backwards.

Reelfoot Visitor CenterReelfoot Lake is today a 15,000 acre shallow lake with some sections more swamp than lake.  The Reelfoot Lake State park is divided into 10 segments along 22 miles of the shoreline.

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