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Roadtreking: Pompey’s Pillar — a must-stop in Montana

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Over the past four years, Jennifer and I have turned into Lewis and Clark junkies. The story of the amazing journey of America’s most influential explorers 200 years ago has captivated us as we’ve traveled the country.

We’ve retraced much of their 4,000-mile route, read books, watched documentaries on their journal, visited scores of museums and even investigated the sad, still-mysterious death of Meriwether Lewis on the Natchez Trace.

But for me, perhaps the most moving stop was in south central Montana and a place Clark himself called Pompey’s Pillar.

See, despite the meticulous diaries kept by the pair, their entire Corps of Discovery party practiced “leave no trace” exploration. Their journey into the wilderness – the equivalent in the 1800’s of the moon landing of the last century – did not disturb or mar the land in any way.

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