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Roadtreking: Painless refinishing of your older RV’s wood cabinets

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Our Roadtrek has oak cabinet doors and some oak interior trim. The cabinet walls are mostly a plastic oak veneer over plywood. The lower kitchen cabinets on our 20-year old Roadtrek had some water spots and discoloration.

Several years ago, Roger refinished the two kitchen drawers and the under sink cabinet door so they looked almost new. We attached classy new knobs from the home store.

“There are water spots on the closet door, why don’t you refinish the rest of the beautiful oak?” said Lynn with a broad smile. Roger explained that refinishing wood is as much fun as a root canal, income tax preparation, and insurance shopping.  You have to remove the doors, sand them down to remove discolorations, and then apply a coat of polyurethane – quite time consuming.

Just then our friend, a professional antique restorer and furniture refinisher, asked if he could buy one of our old bicycles. We conferred and researched — our bike was worth $600 to $700 on today’s market. So we said he could buy it for $200 and refinish the oak cabinets, woodwork, and paneling in our camper.

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