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Roadtreking: Our new security system for our RV

From the boggers at Roadtreking.

Ever since we were broken into last May, Jennifer and I have been looking for just the right security system for our RV. And now that we have a new puppy, it’s even more important, because there will be times we leave him alone in our Roadtrek motorhome and we want a way to keep tabs on what is happening when we’re not there.

We have found the solution.

We’ve ended up with the Canary Security System for our Roadtrek RV. It is a complete security system in one device. It’s marketed as a home security device but it works just as well in an RV. All it needs is AC power and a connection to the Internet, which is provided to us by the Verizon Jet Pack MiFi Mobile Hotspot.

To read the full story by Roadtreking, click here.

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