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Roadtreking: Off the beaten path — Theodore Roosevelt National Park

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Everyone knows about the Badlands of South Dakota. How many know about North Dakota’s own Badlands? Or that there is another Badlands national park?

Really. It’s true! We owe the fact that we have national parks at all to Teddy Roosevelt. So it’s kind of odd then, that the park dedicated to the founder of all national parks – Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota – seems to be practically unknown in the vacation media. You only hear of the South Dakota Badlands. That’s okay, keep it to yourself until after your visit and the place will be a tad less busy and stay closer to nature. After all, you know how pesky some tourists can be,  so don’t tell any of them. Shhh!

The park is where Roosevelt spent much of his pre-political life. When he lost his mother, and wife who was giving birth to his daughter, all on the same day, it was here he spent much time putting his life back together before tackling the job of the presidency.

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