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Roadtreking: Climbing in the Gunks

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

On our way back from our Great Smoky Mountains Photo Safari daughter Akari and I stopped by the Mohonk Trust and the Shawangunk mountains in New York.

The Gunks and I go way back – I was a rock climber until I went to college. The Gunks are famous throughout the US climbing community as a mecca for climbers. The cliffs are easily accessible, and range from a scramble (5.0) to insanely difficult (5.14+). The grades refer to the technical difficulty of the climb, as well as the endurance needed to complete the entire climb. A 5.0 is a scramble, only occasionally needing use of hands. A 5.3 needs use of hands and feet and ropes. A 5.7 is pretty much a slick wall. A 5.11 is an inverted slick wall. A 5.14 is something that Spiderman might struggle with. Back in the day my talents ran out at 5.7.

Back when I used to climb, the sport was young and at a crossroads.  The old school climbers would bang pitons into the rock, and at times chisel out holds when nature failed to provide them.

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