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Roadtreking - nesting

Roadtreking: Nesting in my Roadtrek

From the bloggers at Roadtreking:

I have been in northern New Jersey for two weeks. It is good to have a sister with a house on a lake. I have enjoyed the larger space of the house and time to stretch my legs.

Today, I moved back into my Roadtrek. As my niece’s wedding weekend approaches, many members of my family are arriving. To make sure there is room for everyone at my sister, Ginny’s house, I have moved out of the house, into the RV. Elsie, of course, is coming with me.

I have found some reason to spend a little time each day, since I have been in New Jersey,  in my Roadtrek. With Ginny’s and her husband’s help, I have finished up some projects I wanted to get completed. What are these projects?

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