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Roadtreking: Naked, soapy and no water

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

RVs mean many things to many people. Our 10-year-old Roadtrek 210 Popular has meant fantastic journeys to places we only dreamed of as kids. To our granddaughters, it is a magical vehicle, perfect for our annual week-long campout at Michigan’s Lakeport State Park.

Before the Roadtrek we all tented and loved it. Now, our camping has “graduated” to the gentrified camping experience of Roadtrekking. Now, we experience outdoor sleeping when we want, outdoor cooking when we want, and of course, we still have campfires whenever possible.

During their week at “Camp” with us you’ll find them in the screen house gamely working on crafts provided by Grandma and Gramps. Throughout the days they lovingly bury as much of each us as they can in Lake Huron beach sand. Fearlessly they charge into the chilly waters of Lake Huron to help Grandma with her lifelong quest for the perfect Petoskey stone. Sunshine bathes us all and camplife offers us few irritations. As in the past, the park’s only drawbacks are in the bathroom functions.

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