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Roadtreking: My favorite hiking and biking trails

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

I love to hike. I have been hiking for years. I used to be my own pack mule as well. I was a backpacker and loved getting out into the wild places. After a 19 day trek in the Himalayas I have done much less of the pack mule stuff.

I still love to hike. I can enjoy the same trail again and again. Each time it is different, the animals are different, the plants are different and the trail itself might be different.

I enjoy unique trails and trails that make me feel like I have accomplished something, on a personal level. I even enjoy the ones that scare me a little (Angels Landing in Zion comes to mind).

On this extended trip I have enjoyed some interesting and unique trails. Most I hiked some I biked. Each one has delighted me in a different way. Natural wonders abound on most of these trails. One I liked because it took me to an old lighthouse.

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