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Roadtreking: Mobile KA Band satellite internet arrives

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Well, here I am out of the frontiers of science again. You’d think I would have learned my lesson after the devious Jim Hammill had coerced me into testing all this experimental RV stuff, but no, I’m at it once more, this time with a superfast version of mobile satellite internet.

It’s experimental – at least the mobile part is. It took me and the people I am working with a while to get it running, but we are officially in business and I am glad I took a chance on it. It’s blindingly fast.

I talked about it a bit last week when Mike and I were discussing boondocking on the podcast, and I have had mobile satellite internet for almost the entire time I have been on the road, first with Hughesnet and recently with Starband. However, Starband kicked all us little guys off to focus on corporate and military accounts, so I’ve been dishless since October. In looking around for a replacement, an opportunity presented itself – somebody needed a test pilot. Despite my better judgment, I volunteered.

To read the full story by Roadtreking, click here.

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