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Roadtreking: Mechanically challenged

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Not all of us are mechanically inclined. I am one of those that struggles with mechanical things.

Although Jim and I felt that we did not have a traditional household when it came to rolls, jobs that required tools or mechanical ability seem to fall into his hands. Since his death everything is my responsibility. It amazes me how much we helped each other out. It is good to be part of a team.

Now my team is me and Elsie the cat (she listens to me whine) and the guys at Home Depot. I have found that trying to figure out all the mechanical stuff with my RV sometimes makes my head hurt. Below is a small and partial list of what I do when issues arise.

  • Attempt to narrow down the issue. Figure out what the real problem might be.
  • Now that I have identified the issue ask myself the loaded question “can I fix it?”
  • Post it to the Roadtrek Facebook Group and hope that someone might have an answer.
  • Ask myself the right questions. Do I have the proper tools? Is this in my realm of know how? Can I learn to do this?
  • Post it to the Roadtrek Facebook Group again.
  • Sometimes I find a book in Jim’s collection that will help me out.
  • Post it to Roadtrek Facebook Group.
  • Have a knowledgable friend come over and have them put their expertise to work.
  • Laugh a lot.
  • Call in the big guns and make an appointment with or without an attempted home fix.

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