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Roadtreking: Meals and clean up in a winterized RV

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Many people park their motorhomes in the winter. And of those that still use them, many do not cook in them except for perhaps using the microwave.  This is understandable since cleaning up is more of a challenge without running water, using the gray tank and having an operating water heater, but it is not difficult with a bit of planning.  Of course, if you are looking for an excuse to eat at a restaurant…

Wipe Dishes OffHere is how we do it in our Roadtrek.  The cooking part is not much different, but we do try to minimize things that need washed.  Paper plates and bowls we use year around (except for when we have guests), but plastic forks and spoons and paper cups are a nice winter accessory.  Microwave in the bag vegetables also minimize clean up.  For soup you can microwave in paper bowls vs a dish or a pot on the stove.  So when dinner is over we may only have a skillet, a sharp knife and a serving spoon to wash.  Although at breakfast there is the microwave bacon pan as well.

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