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Roadtreking: Making Class A meals in a Class B

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

There are great RV cookbooks out there. However, in a Class B there is little storage room for the turkey roaster, Hobart mixer, double boiler, waffle iron, and toaster.

Actually, between the two-burner propane stove and a microwave, you really do have all you need for cooking great meals. We greatly prefer cooking on gas (we have a gas cooktop and an electric oven at home – the perfect combination).

We don’t use the oven often at home except when cooking for crowds, so we don’t need one in our camper where the space is limited.

“How do you cook in that cute little kitchen?” asked the visitor. We’ll list the cooking tools we use, then tell you our simplified menus.

Basic Cooking Utensils – All you need.

Here are the kitchen utensils we actually use: silicone rubber spatula, small drainer spoon, and a small paring knife. A French waiter’s corkscrew opens all adult beverages. We do carry a few other items that are not often used, and we have 6 servings of stainless steel flatware. We use mostly paper plates and bowls, but plastic cups for milk or juice.  We have a 4 service set of Corelle dishes if we want to impress our guests.

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