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Roadtreking: Laura’s notes from Texas

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

This winter, I decided to head to the southwest, an area I have not been in my RS Adventurous. Good choice! The general route is to Dallas to see a friend, Big Bend National Park (it’s National Park Year after all) and up to Guadaloupe NP, Carlsbad NP, over to Tucson/ Sedona/Saguaro NP to visit more friends, on to Phoenix then meander back home to Kansas City.

I’m going with some observations here- about Texas.

  • There are lots of cool dust devils in Texas. Very fun to watch, but to not be in. Many times I have to close my windows or I will spend a couple hours cleaning. This is a vast landscape of dirt and wind, but beautiful.
  • Sheep and cows appear in the most desolate areas. I don’t know how they live out here. I expected more Brahma and Longhorns. I also saw a lot of big game ranches which is a big deal out here. I saw Zebra, African Antelope, etc.
  • Sunrises and sunsets are incredible.
  • How about the millions of miles of really nice and well kept fencing? I read that it costs $20,000.00 per mile. And a small ranch is 2000 acres. That’s a lot of beef and big game hunting. There are a ton of “South Fork” style, zillion dollar ranches in the hill country. Whoa, everything really is bigger here.

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