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Roadtreking: Keeping tabs on Tai with the Belkin Netcam HD

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

One of the problems in traveling with a dog in an RV is that there will be times when you can’t take him with you. Restaurants, museums, most stores and many of the hiking trails in various state and national parks prohibit dogs, even when they are on a leash.

So there are times when we leave Tai alone in the RV for as long as a couple of hours.

That’s one of the reasons we have gone overboard on solar and all the lithium ion batteries we have on our Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL. We can power on the air and know it will reliably last many hours, keeping our double-coated Norwegian Elkhound comfy and cool.

But still, we worry.

So one way to ease our concern when Tai is in the coach and we’re somewhere else is to be able to “tune into” him via video and audio, thanks to the Belkin Netcam HD that I recently installed. Verizon sells it for $129. And although it lacks some things that other units have, like a temperature sensor alarm found on the Motorola Focus66 ($78 on Amazon) or the Lorex LNC201 ($134 on Amazon), and the super high quality of the Dropcam Pro ($199), I am familiar with the Belkin name and knew it was super simple to setup. Besides, Verizon sent it to me to test out.

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