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Roadtreking: How to handle being injured while RVing

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

After a weekend of horseback riding I was sore.  First thing I did when I left the Hells A’Roaring Ranch, was to head to Chico Hot Springs, Mont., for a soak and a massage. It was great and it worked well. I got rid of the muscle soreness in my neck and shoulders and I thought I was ready to go.

Ha! This morning as I went to get in the driver’s seat of my Roadtrek, my lower back went into spasm. It hurt bad. I had a hard time standing up and it wasn’t too comfortable sitting either.

Thankfully I remembered a chiropractor I went to, two years ago in Spearfish, S.D. I was near there and they could see me. After adjustments and applying ice-packs throughout the afternoon and evening it is much better.

I have seen little of Spearfish. I have seen quite a bit of the KOA campground I am in. Every hour I have applied ice for 15 minutes and then walked the grounds. I repeated it until it got dark and I got bored.

This has reminded me of the importance of remembering what to take in case of physical emergency. It is not unlike the 10 Essentials that the Sierra Club recommends when you backpack or day hike.

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