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Roadtreking: Four season bedding for your Class B

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

When we got our Class B motorhome in 2009 we already were experienced bicycle tent campers and had a variety of sleeping bags. We had several weights of mostly backpacking type down mummy bags. But RV camping was not roughing it, and we were ready for something more home-like.  We played with the idea of sheets and blankets, but putting sheets on a bed touching 3 walls is extremely challenging.  And dealing with making a bed every night did not appeal.

We learned from the Yahoo Roadtrek email list that many people were happily using Travasaks.  These were like an extra wide sleeping bag with removable cotton sheets.  They had a summer side and a winter side.  We bought a pair of twins, since we often set up our bed as twins instead of the “king”.

A queen size Travasak was also available.  Travasak has since gone out of business, but a new company came along making something similar called SuperBag.  The SuperBags might be warmer – they do seem bulkier than the Travasaks.  Travasaks and SuperBags are not cheap.  We found their “big advantage” of the removable sheets was not such a great advantage.  It seems like the bags needed  to be washed washed as often as the sheets, and putting the sheets back in was a tedious task.

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