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Roadtreking: Fantastic vent tips

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

One of the first things I learned about my Roadtrek was how to use the roof fan to provide ventilation. Being an old person who grew up in the south before universal air conditioning, I was familiar with the principle, because our house had such a fan. We called it the attic fan because it sucked the air in the house up into the attic. Even a kid like me could easily understand how to direct airflow by opening windows to let cool outside air into the house. Open the windows on the shady side, not the hot sunny side. Capitalize on existing outside airflow.

In addition to removing cooking smells and shower humidity,  the fan also allows you to keep your inside temperature near the ambient temperature, instead of the runaway thermal event created by a closed vehicle in direct sunlight.  A little practice is all it takes to figure out what the best fan speed and combination of open windows is to maintain a comfortable interior. Just make sure that you keep windows closed if they’re near things like running generators, water heaters, and other sources of noxious fumes.

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