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Roadtreking: Digital frame all your RV photos

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

We have seen RVs with photos plastered on walls — kids, scenery, friends. Frankly, the pictures look klutzy, although we have seen some nicely done framed photos.  But in a small RV there is little space for photos – and which photo would we pick?

One Christmas we received a 12-inch digital photo frame. It displayed hundreds of our digital photos with simple transitions or fancy wipes. On shore power the continuous show reminds us of happy trips, Poodle dogs, kite flying, old and new friends and relatives.

On March 7 the Wall Street Journal published an article Digital Frames Worth Framing. The article recommended a new digital picture frame that gave a much better image than some other frames, and looked great at any angle.

What a delightful addition the Nixplay frame is to our small RV. It fits easily into the groove routed into our table spacing board. Nixplay makes it easy to load your photos by just putting them on an SD card or flash drive and sticking it into the slot. You can choose several slide show modes, random or sequential with programmable dwell time and various transitions if you want to fade, wipe, cut, or dissolve images one to another. The frame is a dull black. But you can dress it up by fitting it into a larger picture frame with a mat around it if you have space for that kind of thing.  It has a motion detector and turns off if no movement is detected for awhile

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