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Roadtreking: Carrying your zero gravity chair on an older RV

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Class B owners tend to be experts in compact packing. Among other things we tend to have compact camp chairs. The Pico Telescoping Chair is one favorite small packing chair. And “bag” chairs come in a variety of sizes. Such chairs can be comfortable or not so comfortable depending on design.

We were always a bit jealous of travelers with “zero gravity chairs”. They looked so comfortable. When friends with a tent trailer let us try theirs, we were astonished at their comfort and lamented not having space for such a chair. We had bag chairs and we really didn’t use them often enough to warrant fancier chairs. But these were so comfortable.

We checked the measurements of the zero gravity chairs. Nope, they just would not fit in our Stowaway2 Cargo Box. Rats! We listened to how other Roadtrek owners carried them by sticking them inside their camper. Not for us – our camper had to have things put away and we wanted to use the inside without moving stuff outside.

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