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Roadtreking: Campgrounds and temporary workers

From the bloggers at Roadtreking

We were surprised when we booked a couple nights at a favorite campground in Southwest Georgia the other day to be told that the place was almost full and that we could only get a spot for one of the two nights we wanted. We’d stayed at the 78-site Chehaw RV Campground in Albany, GA several times before at this time of year and had our pick of spots.

When we got there, we thought there was a rally of some sorts for people from Texas and Louisiana. That’s where it seemed most people were from, judging by the license plates of their vehicles. But in mid afternoon, despite the fact that most every spot was taken, we saw few people.

Where were they all?

Working, it turned out, on a massive pipeline project. And the campground has become a worker’s village. It has become not just a place for RVers to escape and relax but it serves as a very real home for a transient workforce.

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