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Roadtreking: Boondocking the South Oregon coast part 2

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Since my original post on boondocking the south Oregon coast I have had some concerns voiced by people who are afraid they can’t find the exact spots I’m talking about. If you have the gypsy’s eye for a good place to pull in and stay a while it’s easy, but if you’re used to a real campground with little posts with campsite numbers on them, I can understand people’s apprehension.

OK, all you KOA addicts, here’s a point by point account of the stretch from Port Orford to Brookings, with GPS coordinates, photos, and everything. You can’t mess up with all this information. Even somebody from New York City could find these places.

First, understand the ground rules – almost all of Oregon’s coast is public land, and Oregon state law allows you to park (not camp) for twelve hours. We have a day spot and a night spot, and stay here for a month at a time. There’s no specific definition of camping vs. parking, but the less stuff you haul out and set up, the better, and keep what you do haul out on the side of your RV facing the ocean, not the highway side.

Tents, fires, and other obvious signs of camping are a bad idea, but a chair or two isn’t stretching it too much.  Second rule – do not stretch your 12 hour limit. Once identified a a squatter, you may be in for a harder time with the authorities than those who scrupulously observe the rules.

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