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Roadtreking: After the party — hanging out in Montana

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

The Montana Photo Safari is over, and everyone has scattered to the four winds, but we are still here, because there isn’t really any reason to leave. The weather is perfect, we could use a few days of down time with nothing to do, and the easiest thing to do was just hit the grocery store, dump our tanks and get some fresh water, and head back on up the valley.

The valley is technically called Rock Creek Valley, famous for being Chief Joseph’s escape route off the Beartooth Plateau after he had traumatized some of Yellowstone’s first tourists, and came down on his almost successful run for the Canadian border.

The Forest Service campgrounds we had the Montana Photo Safari at are at the end of the pavement, but an unpaved Forest Service road goes on up the valley, you can clearly see it from the overlook at the top of the switchbacks.  When I was up there for the photo shoot I saw this road, and decided to try it out once everyone had left.

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