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Roadtreking: Adding satellite internet to an RV

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

If you are a regular reader of the blog or listener to the podcast, you’ve heard me reference my new satellite Internet system several times. I’ve promised a full report on what I have and how it works.

So here, in photos and text, is the complete rundown. You might also want to tune in to Podcast Episode 43, to be released this coming Wednesday, July 8, to hear me and the Zenmaster of fulltime RVing –  Campskunk – talk more about it.

I made my way to Tucson, Ariz. to get my system, from a company known as Mobile Internet Satellite. You could just order and have the gear shipped to you. But the owners, Barb and Joe Nolley, generously offered to train me on the system so we went to them.

The task of establishing an Internet connection by satellite is not straightforward. You have to deploy your equipment, set it up just so, “tune in” a satellite and then connect your satellite modem to a router so you can access it by your various devices.

To read the full story by Roadtreking, click here.

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