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Roadtreking: A trailer for modern-day hippies

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

While I was walking around I came across the Dub Box, a trailer that looks like the old VW bus.  Being the curious person that I am, I started talking with Heather, the driving force behind the trailer.  I found her story fascinating.

Here’s our interview:

You started Dub Box 4 years ago.  Can you tell me a bit more about how that came about?

I was working in the steel business as a manufactures rep and broker selling high alloy pipe and tubing to the power generation and refinery fabricators and end users. The economy and imports were creating a challenge in the Americas.  The international travel schedule was brutal. I was burned out.

I saw a version of Dub Box in England and fell in love.   I wanted to make Dub Box a business in the USA and Canada and transition out of steel manufacturing.  I felt there was a huge demand as well as a lack of product that catered to lightweight, low emissions (meaning not requiring a gas guzzling truck to tow), quick get-away campers in the market place.  Especially a lack of options for those of us that couldn’t afford an Airstream but wanted something more modern and slightly larger than the teardrops.

In addition, the tiny house movement and all things retro in demand, Dub Box was a perfect fit for the USA and Canadian markets.  I spent one year developing the mold set, the chassis design and sourcing vendors to make the Dub Box road sound and competitive in the USA.  The result is a iron-clad fibreglass body on a solid galvanized chassis with a 3500 lb flex torsion axle.

To read the full story by Roadtreking, click here.

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