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Roadtreking: A river through a mountain

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

A mountain with a steep canyon through it is a geological puzzle – why would a river take the hard way to get to the other side of a mountain?   Why not just go around? The key is knowing the time sequence.

We just spent a few days near the fancifully named Gates of Lodore at the downstream end of an 18 mile long canyon through the appropriately named Split Mountain on the Green River near Dinosaur National Monument in northeast Utah, just south of the Unitas Mountains. John Wesley Powell and his crew explored this area and named the feature in their typical 19th century romantic style, after a poem by Robert Southey.

All these deep canyons through an arid wilderness are an irresistible lure for whitewater rafters, and a whole industry has sprung up around the logistics of getting groups of rafters outfitted, dropped off at the upstream end, and sheltered and fed during their three or four day trip down the river. It loops over into northwestern Colorado, where the actual Gates of Lodore are, and on down to where the Green River joins the Colorado.  The kayaking part is through these mountains.

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