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Roadtreking: Seven kids, four adults, flocks of birds, hot cocoa and a Roadtrek

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Iconic Roadtreks, the ones with three little roof windows, and all manner of conveniences built-in, are most often seen motoring happily along interstates and country byways, or exploring parks and traversing up little used camping roads. But they have other, closer-to-home uses as well.

The week of Christmas last year, we joined friends at Kensington Metropark Nature Center, about twenty minutes from our home in southeast Michigan. Our goal was dining with a bunch of our avian friends. Our group consisted of one of our very best friends, her daughter, and her daughter’s five children, along with two “grands” of our own.

On the frozen-over marshy trails near the Nature Center a few chickadees, tufted titmice, sparrows, downy woodpeckers, and cardinals flit overhead as you hike through. You may not notice them as you walk along. On a very cold day you may lack patience to look around and catch them darting through the trees.

The cold tempted our young friends to do just that, but their resolve held firm. Seven young pairs of eyes and four pair slightly more mature excitedly scanned the trees near and far. The little feathered creatures they sought were surely hungry and our group was determined to feed them. With packets of black sunflower seeds nestled deep in coat pockets, there would be a meal.

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