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Roadschool Moms - Health insurance

Roadschool Mom’s Radio: Health care on the road

From the podcasters at Roadschool Mom’s Radio:

Recently, we tackled the subject of health insurance on the road.

If you are living in an RV, or some other fashion on the road, health insurance is a common challenge in one form or another. With the recent changes in the health insurance laws, Affordable Care Act, the tangled web of information has transformed into an even greater beast of unanswered questions.

Although the answers are complicated, there are really only a few options to this issue:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Find a plan through the exchange
  3. Find a plan through a Christian ministry sharing network

In a time when health care costs and the insurance coverage that can pay for them are ever-changing, it is important to have a expert translate the information into language that can be understood. Those who factor in a nomadic life on the road have unique circumstances and are better served with a professional that understands the lifestyle.

To listen to the podcast with guest Kyle Henson, with RVer Health Insurance, click here.

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