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Roads Less Traveled: Peach faced lovebirds in Phoenix, Ariz.

From the bloggers at Roads Less Traveled.

If you are walking down the city streets of Scottsdale or Mesa in the greater Phoenix, Ariz., area, you are bound to hear the squeaks of little green peach faced lovebirds as they fly between the trees and cactuses.

They nest in the holes in the saguaro cactuses that have been made by other birds (mostly woodpeckers and flickers), and they are just as adorable as can be when they peek out of these nesting holes and look down at you.

I have wanted to get a photo of one of these little cuties sitting in a saguaro for ages, and I had the chance a few days ago when we were visiting with our friend John Sherman, a professional wildlife and bird photographer who shoots for Arizona Highways. He knew of a saguaro cactus nearby where the peach faced lovebirds hang out in the late afternoons.

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