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Roadreking: An older Roadtrek – A DIY ‘This Old House’ on wheels

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

Why would a dyed in the wool do-it-yourselfer buy an eight year old Roadtrek 210 Popular just to work on it? It was cleaned, waxed, all systems were go and my friends all asked “why would you try to improve on near-perfection?” To make it my own, of course. In point of fact, we all want to make our vehicles distinctly our own. But D.I.Y. Folk like to make things better, to improve things just a tad more than others.

We all are drawn to the quality of design and construction techniques, and quality materials. We D.I.Y. Folk just make it our business to know how everything works.

The desire and the patience and a few of the right tools is all it takes. The older Roadtrek models have a special draw as they often need updating and they are less expensive to modify than new.

Typical Roadtrek DIY’s include refinished cupboard and cabinet doors, removed or replaced cabinets or seats, new curtains and upholstery, additional electrical outlets, replacement of older electric and electronic items with the new higher tech devices among many other things. And then there’s the Ultimate Remake: Solar Panels and wiring. This sits at the top of most every Roadtrek-DIY wish list.

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