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Roadmaster wire kits

Roadmaster introduces ‘all-in-one’ wiring kits

All-in-one wiring kits for the two most popular towing combinations (7- to 6-wire and 7- to 4-wire) are now available from Roadmaster.

The kits are specialized, expanded versions of Roadmaster’s towed vehicle wiring kits. They use a system of diodes to allow the towed vehicle to accept the motorhome’s taillight, brake light and turn signals while preventing electrical feedback and the damage it can cause to both vehicles’ electronics.

Everything most towed vehicle owners need is included. In addition to the diodes, the kits have:

  • A Flexo-Coil power cord with built-in plugs
  • 27 feet of 4-wire harness
  • Wire connectors
  • Cable ties
  • A ring terminal
  • 3 feet of plastic loom
  • A socket mounting bracket
  • Either a four- or six-wire electrical socket

The spring-coiled Flexo-Coil power cords expand to 8 feet and conveniently retracts for storage. They have a protective vinyl coating, as well as corrosion-resistant silicone-injected plugs.

The part number for the seven-to-four-wire kit is 15247, and retails for $141.

The part number for the seven-to-six-wire kit is 15267, and retails for $147.

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