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SmartPlug - plugged in

Review: Snap and you’re connected with SmartPlug

Editor’s note: While visiting the SmartPlug Systems corporate office in Seattle earlier this spring, the company gave Let’s RV a new 30-amp SmartPlug cordset and receptacle to review. A 50-amp option is available. The plug is designed to replace a original outlet attached to a motorhome or trailer. It can only be used on RVs where the electrical lines are plugged into the RV and attached to a campground power pole. Some RVs have power cords permanently attached to the vehicle. The heavy-duty weatherproof SmartPlug is designed to literally snap and lock into place without twisting to provide a more secure electrical connection that prevents overheating and reduces fire risk.

The SmartPlug was a snap to install. The shipping box contained everything necessary to do the install yourself.

But, it’s important to note that the enclosed instruction sheet included directions for creating a new wire which is not necessary for an RV retrofit, so the rubber cone sealers that are shown on contents are not included, nor are they needed.

The SmartPlug receptacle box was one-half inch shorter than the box that came on my Born Free motorhome, but the screw holes lined up almost perfectly. So, once the RV siding was cleaned (I used rubbing alcohol), it is almost impossible to tell that this was not original equipment.

The entire installation took less than a half hour. Only unscrewing the black, white and green lines from the old receptacle and inserting them into the SmartPlug receptacle, even trimming back wire insulation was unnecessary — it was a breeze to install.

The smart plug kit includes a rubber sealing gasket that is more substantial than I’ve seen included on almost any other RV accessory. I’m sure water will not get through or around this gasket as it is very secure.

The SmartPlug secures to the RV in two ways — one with side clips and another safety clip atop the RV-side plug. There is no way this plug will move once snapped into the business end of the RV.  Also, the SmartPlug comes with a plastic protective cap to prevent dirt from entering the plug area and, of course, from damaging the outlet.

As you see by the photos, the SmartPlug upgrades the look of the RV as well as offers a much more secure connection when plugged in.

I really like the blue LED indicator light atop the SmartPlug to let me know electricity is flowing through the line.

I think the SmartPlug is definitely worth the $115 dollar asking price and comes with a seven-year limited warranty against materials and workmanship.

For more information on SmartPlug and to see videos of how the product works, visit

Rated: Excellent

Price: $115 for receptacle and $145 for 25-foot cord


SmartPlug Systems
2500 Westlake Avenue North, Suite G
Seattle, WA 98109-2262

(206) 285-2990

SmartPlug - OEM plug
The original receptacle plug on my Born Free motorhome
SmartPlug - wired
Installation was a simple as unscrewing the wires from the original receptacle and inserting them into the SmartPlug.
SmartPlug - wired 2
Once the wires are installed, a protective cap is screwed into place.
SmartPlug - Cap install
The final step involves placing the protective cap and gasket over the hole for the original equipment.

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Dennis Ohnstad is a recently-retired full-time RVer who travels the nation in his Born Free motorhome. A native of Illinois and an Arizona snowbird, he is actively involved in the Wandering Individuals Network, a group of active, single RVers.

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