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Review: Mountain View RV Park in Wheatland, Wyo.

Last spring my family and I spent three months at an out-of-the-way campground called Mountain View RV Park in the little town of Wheatland, Wyo., which is bisected by Interstate 25. We had the opportunity to go back this spring for another month, as my husband was once again working at the power plant just outside of town.

When I first arrived at the RV park I was not very enthusiastic. It appeared to be an okay park in a boring little town. But after spending time there, I grew to wholeheartedly love both the RV park and the town.  It’s a hidden gem that most would drive right by and never stop to see.

Mountain View RV Park is situated inside a residential neighborhood. At first this can be a bit off-putting, as it does not have the traditional RV park appearance. However, it is actually very convenient as each site is quite large and has sidewalk access right in front.

The sites in the upper row have large concrete patios along with enough parking in front for two to three cars.  On the lower row there are no concrete pads, but there is still enough parking for a couple of vehicles in addition to your RV.

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My favorite part is the city walking trail that meanders along behind the upper row.  Directly behind your RV site is a trail that you can hop on and connect to other parts of the city.  My kids loved to ride their bikes along it, and many evenings we would walk down it to the Little League fields and watch a game.

Along the trail is farmland with an absolutely gorgeous view of the mountains and sunset.  It was restorative to simply stand on the trail and take in the beautiful surroundings!

There is a brand new building that houses the laundry room as well as the showers.  There are plenty of washers and dryers.  Some are new front loading machines and there are also older top loading machines for people that prefer that style.

The showers are coin-op and are absolutely spotless. Each shower is in a private, nice sized room that locks with a toilet, sink, mirror, and shower.  The laundry areas as well as the showers are cleaned daily, and it definitely shows.

In the laundry room is a TV, a book exchange area, and some chairs.  It is climate controlled and quite comfortable while waiting on laundry. It is the nicest laundry facility I have come across in an RV park.

There is no playground on site, which is a bit of a negative for those of us with children.  However, just a short walk through the neighborhood is a very nice playground located at a school.

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My kids did not miss having a playground though, as they spent all their time playing on the walking trail and the little hill that led up to the walking trail.  They had hours of fun digging holes, pushing toy trucks down the hill, and running or riding their bikes along the trail.

Mountain View RV Park is a nice central point for several fun activities.  There are a multitude of lakes within a 30-minute drive of the RV park.  The largest and most popular is Grayrocks Reservoir.   You can fish, kayak, ski, hike or just enjoy the view and swim.  The choice is yours!

We spent a couple very relaxing days at the lake with friends, letting the kids splash in the water and build sand castles.  After playing, we would spend the evening roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire.  Such fun!

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Guernsey, Wyo., is only about 30 minutes to the northeast.  It is a quaint little town that is situated right along the Oregon Trail.  The Oregon Trail Ruts National Historic Landmark as well as the Register Cliff State Historic Site are located near Guernsey.

We took a short walk from the car and were able to see actual ruts from the wagons that traveled down the Oregon Trail.  We also ventured off the main roads, and found markers for the Oregon Trail way off down dirt roads.  It was fascinating!

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Golfing, a bowling alley, several delicious restaurants, a small movie theater, unique little shops, and a beautiful city park round out the amenities in Wheatland.  These are all within a short drive from the RV park.

I highly recommend trying Western Sky’s Family Diner for breakfast.  They have delicious, thick bacon that my husband raves about. In fact, one of his co-workers bought an entire 40-pound box to take home.  It is really that good.

Just down the street is Big A’s.  It is a bar on one side and a family restaurant on the other.   Try the steak or chicken fried steak. You will not regret it!  If you happen to wander around downtown, there are several appealing looking restaurants located there.

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Mountain View RV park is locally owned by a very nice family who is on-site nearly every day.  The camp host lives on site as well, and she is delightful.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to stop by the camp host site, which is clearly marked, and talk to Donna.

The RV park is open year round with full hookups.  The rate is $35 per night or you can stay weekly for $200.  The monthly rate is $425 in the summer and $550 in the winter.  All rates include full hookups, water, electric, trash, Wi-Fi and cable TV.

Rated: Very good

Average price: $35 per night


Mt. View RV Park
2050 W. Ponderosa
P.O. Box 86
Wheatland, WY 82201




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