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People near campfire in forest
People near campfire in forest

Record Eagle: RVing new camping for aging nature lover

From the writers at Record Eagle.

I fell in love with camping even before I was allowed on family trips at a Canadian provincial park. As the youngest of three I was left behind with my grandparents and the family dog, disconsolate as I imagined all the fun I was missing.

There were occasional camping trips as I grew older, but camping wasn’t my mother’s “bag,” as she put it. Eventually my parents starting renting a Glen Lake cottage, where at night I listened to the rustling of mice in the cupboards from my cot in the small main room. When my grandparents bought a cottage on Lake Leelanau, we moved our vacation headquarters there.

Then I met my future husband, a hard-core backpacker who was subscribing to Mother Earth News and scoping out land for sale in government pamphlets by the time he was 16. He backpacked his way out West when he was 17, then changed his course for the Pacific Northwest as far as Washington state.

To read the full story in the Record Eagle, click here.

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