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Rapid City Journal: ‘Ark’ a major upgrade over sleeping in a tent

From the writers at Rapid City Journal.

There’s only one thing more likely to cause a torrential downpour than me washing my car and that’s me going camping. If you’re suffering from drought, just hire me to come pitch a tent on your property.

I used to think it was the tent’s fault. My family used a variety of them over the years, and they were all waterproof — mostly. I’ve lived through enough droughts to appreciate rain whenever it falls, but lying on a sleeping bag all afternoon while puddles lap up against the sides of your tent tends to dampen your enthusiasm for both rain and camping. If I’m going to spend my vacation surrounded by water, I think I ought to be on a cruise.

So last summer, we built ourselves an ark. I’m joking! Actually, we bought a camper, which was easier. And on its maiden voyage, we learned that it wasn’t the tent causing rain; it was us. Voyage is a very good word for that first trip we took with our new camper — and for most of the campouts we’ve taken since.

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