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Ramblin Man: How are a RV and a good book much alike?

From the bloggers at Ramblin ManL Full-time RV life.

Ten days ago I stopped at Goodwill looking for used books. Because of their larger size and weight, I generally do not buy hardbacks unless they are unique and yesterday I found one. It’s 934, 8.5×11 pages, 2 1/8 inches thick and weighs in at a whopping 7.5 pounds!

I’m a Civil War history buff and have been to many of the battlefields back on the east coast. Here’s the cover indicating that it has nearly 4,000 images…

I’m in my 20th years of full-time RVing and retirement. Traveling and reading are two items that bring me much enjoyment. I’d be willing to bet in that time I’ve averaged 2-3 books a week and have been taken on many great mental trips.

Photography, museums, walking, visiting with my many good friends, meeting new and interesting people, great music and food are some of the other things I enjoy. Living in 65-75 degree temperatures mostly year-round is a primary enjoyment!


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