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Ramblin’ Man: Awning cleaning day

From the bloggers at Ramblin’ Man.

I like to do things when they are convenient to do…it just lessens the effort associated with the job. For instance, if it’s too hot or too cold…the job can wait for another day. Fortunately most of my cleaning and maintenance associated with the motorhome fall in that category.

I tend not to use  the awning when Mary is not with me. Over time dust, dirt, tree sap, bird poop, etc… tends to accumulate. Rain or just hosing the awning does not remove these items.

Yesterday was just right for cleaning the awning. The motorhome was far enough from Mary’s home that I did not need to move it, the awning was in the shade as preferred by the cleaner instructions, the hose was right there and the temperature was a delightful 72 degrees. Time to do the deed!

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