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Pure simple fun

One of the largest North American birds, is probably what you think of when you hear the word “pelican.” Recently, pelican took on a whole different meaning when Norm and I purchased two Pelican brand kayaks.

Whether it’s enjoying family time, heading out solo, planning a longer trip, or changing up your exercise routine, pelican has the perfect kayak. We shopped around to find the right one for us. We like to stay active, and we like to have fun at the same time.

We have a tandem bicycle so we considered a tandem kayak so we could ride together. In the end we decided on two small crafts due to the ease of handling them.

In order to battle the recent heat and humidity here in Wisconsin, we took the kayaks to the local lake to paddle around for a while. Our daughter and grandchildren joined us at the lake looking for the same relief from the heat. Of course, our grandchildren were intrigued and wanted to try the kayaks.

The lake was otherwise empty so we were able to stay in the shallow swimming area until they got the hang of paddling. We didn’t think to bring their life jackets so we had to keep a close eye on them; but it was worth it. They practiced a new skill, had fun doing it and they brought back long forgotten memories from when I was growing up.

Many years ago, my family owned a lake house — more like a cottage. We didn’t need a big fancy building because all we did inside was sleep. My sisters and I were part fish in those years as we lived in the water during daylight hours. We swam and paddled around in our canoe and boat. All the while enjoying pure, simple fun!

My grandchildren enjoyed themselves that day on the lake as they paddled back and forth in the shallows of Curtis Lake.  It won’t be the last time we pull the kayaks out to the lake and even if the grandchildren don’t get another chance this summer, I hope in years to come they fondly look back on these memories we made of pure, simple fun!


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Cathy and her husband, Norm, travel throughout the United States in their Brave Winnebago working for Mainly Marathons. When home in Westfield, Wis., their RV is parked on a gravel pad while they finish construction on their new home. Cathy documents their many adventures on her website at

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