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FloJet RV Waste Pump grinds it up, spits it out

Jen - FloJet 2

The FloJet Macerator allows you to empty your tanks by connecting whatever length standard hose you have. It allows you to reach dump stations that are hundreds of feet away or easily fill a portable tote along. We all know this is a dirty job, but this macerator makes it just a little bit more tolerable.

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360 Siphon RV Vent Cap review

360 Siphon 2

This vacuum helps eliminates odors from the source so they don’t invade your living space. The updraft that is created leads to an oxygen rich atmosphere, breaking down waste at a faster rate. You’ll be able to take a deep breath of fresh air when using the Siphon 360.

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Barker Portable Tote-Along

Barker Tote-Along 1

Let’s face it, no one enjoys not having sewer hook ups at their campsites, but often it is the only way to camp in remote locations that offer some of the most breathtaking views. Having to empty your black tank is no fun but the Barker Portable Tote-Along can make your job much easier.

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