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Air Lift re-engineers Loadlifter 5000 kits


The LoadLifter series works with the vehicle's existing suspension to deliver up to 5,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity and is air adjustable to keep vehicles stable, level and comfortable whether loaded or unloaded.

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Ultra-Fab introduces Super Grip Chocks XL

Ultra-Fab super grip chocks

Improperly chocked RVs promote an unstable platform inside the living area that can cause nausea associated with seasickness, the organization announced in a press release. The Super Grip Chocks XL eliminates this sensation.

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Ultra-Fab Heavy Duty King Pin Tripod

Jen - Ultra-Fab king ping stabilizer

There is nothing more irritating than a fifth wheel trailer that rocks from side to side once you are set up. We noticed this right away and were looking for a relatively inexpensive way to stabilize our camper.

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BAL’s X-Chock stabilizes RVs on site

Jen - BAL X Chock 1

When it came to wheel chocks, we invested a little more money and are very happy with our purchase of the BAL X Chocks. They secure our wheels during our stay and prevent movement that puts pressure on the front stabilizer legs when hooking up and unhooking our truck and trailer.

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