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Oxygenics Fury makes a fabulous shower

Oxygenics Fury 3

The Oxygenics Fury RV offers five different spray pattern settings, which are easily changed by a lever on the bottom of the shower head. The settings vary in water usage and spray intensity, from a light rain-like cascade to a more powerful massaging spray.

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Thetford introduces Titan sewer hose


Titan is virtually uncrushable, easy-to-align, ergonomic and comes with drip-proof end caps. The Titan Kit includes a 15-foot long sewer hose, pre-attached bayonet fittings, the Revolve universal sewer adapter and two end caps.

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EcoCamel enters U.S. RV market with shower products

Orbit 1

Using “aircore technology,” the products draw air in through intakes and mixes with with water to increase the water pressure in recreation vehicles. This works to conserve water in the RVs and energy as well. A flow regulator limits water flow to a maximum of 2.11 gallons (8 liters) per minute.

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Ecocamel Orbit: A British solution to great showers

Orbit 1

The large round opening for water output creates a nice wide stream of water, similar to what I enjoyed in a home shower. I was able to go 10 days without dumping the gray water tank, which indicated that it lived up to its promise of saving water, too.

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FloJet RV Waste Pump grinds it up, spits it out

Jen - FloJet 2

The FloJet Macerator allows you to empty your tanks by connecting whatever length standard hose you have. It allows you to reach dump stations that are hundreds of feet away or easily fill a portable tote along. We all know this is a dirty job, but this macerator makes it just a little bit more tolerable.

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Camco TastePURE KDF/Carbon Water Filter

Jen - water filter

This simple, small and inexpensive filter can make a huge difference in your water quality. Just twist it on to the hose and breathe deep knowing that the water you bring into your home on wheels isn’t going to make you sick.

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360 Siphon RV Vent Cap review

360 Siphon 2

This vacuum helps eliminates odors from the source so they don’t invade your living space. The updraft that is created leads to an oxygen rich atmosphere, breaking down waste at a faster rate. You’ll be able to take a deep breath of fresh air when using the Siphon 360.

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Thetford Aqua-Magic V product review

Aqua-Magic 2

The Thetford Aqua-Magic V is a strong, versatile and tough toilet featuring a front pedal to add water to the bowl or completely flush the contents. Made entirely of plastic, it survived freezing solid with no side effects, and it weighs less than a traditional china bowl.

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Light up your toilet with Glow Seats

Night Glow Seats - green

The seats are constructed with high-quality, integrally-molded sanitary bumpers. It's safe to use standard household cleaners and even strong chemicals. Night Glow seats retain their brightness for five years, based on current testing.

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