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Evelo offers the Aurora electric bicycle

Evelo Aurora 4

With full-throttle mode, the Aurora can attain top speeds of 20 mph and using the pedal assist feature, it can travel a range of up to 60 miles. The Aurora comes with an 18-month comprehensive warranty.

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Sylvan Sport introduces Mr. Stow-It-All

Mr Stow It All2

Sylvan Sport's new Mr. Stow-It-All stows gear, electronics, games, books, magazines, bug spray, bottles, keys, tableware and condiments. Sometimes it seems like there's nothing he doesn't stow.

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Shurhold introduces camera adapter


The adapter is also great for getting a good look at what's going on underneath without bending down or kneeling on the ground. The handle with camera adapter attached can be set in a holder for an aerial view of the campsite. When in crowds, it can be extended to see above the group and capture the moment.

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Faulkner Furniture fashions outdoor fun

Faulkner El Capitan

Faulkner's three new chair styles strengthen the extensive Faulkner lineup with more great options for a variety of outdoor activities. RVers headed out for this season's tailgaters, for some river bank fishing or for some quality relaxation under the awning in their favorite RV resort will enjoy the comfort and style of Faulkner's newest designs.

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Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Lounger

Jen - Timber Ridge chair 2

We found this chair while roaming the aisles of Costco last spring and I was ecstatic to find a zero gravity chair under $100 that seemed like it would serve me well. After 15 months of use, the lounger is just as sturdy as day one and I would highly recommend making the purchase of this chair.

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Faulkner electric foldable 20-inch city bike

Faulkner - ready to use

The Faulkner electric foldable bike was just the thing I was looking for to tour the area, get around a campground and enjoy some exercise. It operates in three modes: fully manual, pedal assist and fully electric at speeds up to 19 mph for 24 miles. Best of all, it folds down to fit in a trunk or RV storage compartment. It assembles in seconds and comes with a one-year warranty.

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Sniff ‘n’ Stop keeps critters from crawling into RVs

Sniff N Stop RV Kit

The product comes in several forms -- granulated powder pouch and spray -- that use essential oils that animals instinctively avoid. It doesn't kill the pests, so that you have to clean up a dead or rotting carcass, but rather the odor repels them from trying to get into an RV in the first place. In fact, documentation claims the scent is so annoying that animals release pheromones to warn others of their same species to stay away.

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Morshade offers users shade anywhere, anytime


"The Moreshade is the perfect camping accessory. I have been RVing for more than 30 years and sometimes the campsites are too small to extend the awning, or there are not any trees. Now, with the Morshade, all of those problems are solved," said Gary Troup, vice president.

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